The Trickle-Down Merry-Go-Round is an interactive, visually entertaining, learning magnet to inspire people and to instill a better understanding of the “Big Lie” called “Trickle-Down Economics,” and thereafter to learn more about our economic systems in general and how they affect our lives.


Interactive art and creativity gain attention and embed concepts in a way that even the most accurate and enlightening verbal description can fail to do, particularly in times when millions of flashy media sites clamor for attention.


We will be setting up the Trickle-Down Merry-Go-Round in multiple cities, inviting folks to participate in a photo/video shoot and interviews while pushing around the carts. With the interviews and photos gathered, we will build a multi-media installation piece to submit for exhibition that has the potential to inspire more people to learn about the lie of Trickle-Down Economics.

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Get Curious

Why “Get Curious?” As voters, we need to become more informed. Uneducated voters are too easily manipulated by bumper-sticker style slogans and reptilian-response triggers imbedded into political platforms. We all lead busy lives. We are hoping here to inspire fellow community members to carve out just a little precious time to learn more about basic economics and how misinformed choices lead to bad economic policies which, in turn, have made a mess of – everything.

Project Inspiration

Capital Lake Fair
Homeless Camps

This project is based in Olympia, the capitol of Washington State. The inspiration for this project came while the artist was listening to the podcast Pitchfork Economics and driving by large homeless camps near Capitol Lake – which is also the site for Lakefair, an annual community event that includes carnival rides, fair food, and games.

The juxtaposition of the fair with homeless camps populated by folks who have taken the brunt of over 40-years of unfair trickledown economics inspired the idea for the Trickle-Down Merry-Go-Round.

The Blame Game

Visible homelessness blights our country. Many people blame their own city council, the mayor or the governor for the current state of affairs. But – this problem was not caused by local government or decisions made in the last few years. In fact, rampant homelessness is not really the problem. It is a symptom. We need to zoom out. We are living the results of over 40 years of failed Trickledown Economics pushed by both Republicans and Democrats. It took four decades to get us into this mess, and it will take at least decades to get us out of it if…. we get curious, get educated and stop voting for trickle-downers.

Learn more about Trickle Down Economics here.

Project Goal

Get Curious! If nothing else, listen to the first four episodes of Pitchfork Economics. We are by no means economic policy wonks but we think you will find this podcast straight-forward and accessible for non-wonky economic minds. Please note – we have no formal or informal affiliation with anyone associated with the links below – we just think they’re on to something.

Suggested Podcasts, Videos and Books:

Learn more about Correlated Gauges here.

We have been on this ride for over 40 years.

It’s time to get off.